DWI-Caused Collisions - We sue drunk drivers!

We sue drunk drivers because more than one person in our country is killed every hour by drunk drivers according to the CDC.  We know that even though drunk driving is commonly known to be extremely dangerous, hundreds of our loved ones, children, mothers, fathers, husbands and wives are killed in Texas every year in crashes caused by drivers who were driving while intoxicated (DWI) from alcohol or other drugs. For example, TxDOT crash statistics for 2011 show that 5,425 crashes occurred that involved driving under the influence of alcohol.

Our legal team is passionate about the safety of our community, which drives our effort to hold drunk drivers accountable for their actions and for the damages they cause. One of our Community Safety Rules is that DRIVERS MUST NEVER DRIVE DRUNK. Drivers must NEVER even get behind the wheel of any vehicle when they're drunk to prevent carnage and death on our streets. Driving Drunk must NEVER be tolerated! If you have been injured by a drunk driver, please call us to help.

In order to recover full compensation after a DWI-related crash, you need to provide evidence. We can investigate your case and help you preserve evidence such as witness statements, police reports, toxicology reports, medical records and evidence of lost wages and disability reports.

Our firm has decades of legal experience and is prepared to fight aggressively for the outcome that your case deserves. We have successfully recovered millions of dollars for injuries and harms for our clients. Call or contact our firm right away for a free initial consultation.

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DWI-Caused Collisions

DWI-Caused Collisions