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Motorcycle Collisions

Motorcycle Collisions - Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycle collisions and crashes are some of the most serious and catastrophic in which a person can be involved. Even when wearing a high-quality helmet and protective gear, there is very little to protect a motorcyclist from catastrophic injury when they are hit by a larger vehicle and / or are thrown onto the road, even when collisions happen at relatively low speeds. Motorcyclists are often thrown long distances in a collision, resulting in broken bones, road rash, paralysis, neck and back injuries, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries even death.

"Motorcycle Accidents" occur when a driver is not following the safety rules of the road that are set out for all of us. The difference between a car crash and a motorcycle crash is that the irresponsible driver hit a motorcyclist instead of another driver and the injuries are often catastrophic. When irresponsible drivers or their insurance companies don't accept full responsibility for their actions, Chavez Law Firm holds them accountable for the injury, death, and disability that they have caused. The motorcycle crash lawyers at the firm care about all our safety.

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We can help you to preserve valuable evidence in a motorcycle crash, to present a strong case, and to make the irresponsible driver and the insurance company be fully responsible for the injuries they cause you and your family through full compensation under the law.

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Community safety is our passion. We understand the importance of motorcycle awareness and can help you obtain justice after an irresponsible person causes such a serious accident. Our firm has recovered many millions of dollars in damages for personal injury cases of all kinds. Complete our case evaluation today to contact an attorney and discuss your options with a member of our team. We are here to help you get the best possible results for your motorcycle case.

Motorcycle Collisions