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Premises Safety & Security Cases

Premises Safety & Security Cases

Premises Safety & Security Cases - Damages Caused by Irresponsible Property Owners

Premises safety and security cases are the result of a commercial property owner or manager's negligence and irresponsibility. Areas open to customers, guests, and children must be safely maintained and guarded by adequate security in order to prevent rapes, assaults, sexual assaults, murder and other crimes to all of us. Some of the most common cases include sexual or physical assault due to inadequate or no security by a parking lot, mall, store, apartment complex, or commercial property owner. We care about these cases so call us for a free initial consultation.

Slips and falls are usually the result of a spill, leak, or trip hazard that is not properly marked or cleared away.

Pet owners are legally responsible for any damages their pets cause, making them liable for dog bite injuries to others.

Inadequate, incompetent or no security by a commercial property owner could result in a preventable crime such as assault, rape, sexual assault, or even murder. These cases only occur when a person or entity chooses not to follow the safety rules which protect the community. Trials become necessary when violators don't accept responsibility for all the injuries and harms that they have caused, such as death, injury, lost jobs, disability, and lost wages. We have made it our goal to hold these offenders accountable. We have handled personal injury cases of all kinds, including premises liability and negligent security cases. Our team can handle your case with an eye toward trial, presenting a strong argument to establish liability. We are often able to win a satisfactory settlement, but we are also trial ready and can litigate aggressively for a fair verdict for you and your family.

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The sooner you hire an experienced lawyer from our firm to handle your case, the better. Statistics show that individuals who retain an attorney recover significantly more damages than people who do not. At our firm, we provide outstanding service while fighting aggressively for the best possible results. Our attorneys are members of various legal associations, including the American Bar Association and the American Association for Justice, so that we are constantly up to date on the laws and strategies pertaining to our clients' cases. Contact us today for more information about what our premises liability lawyers can do for you!